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Our Programs Contribute More Then They Cost


We Help Companies Increase Their Sales!

Ideas-For-Business is a Sales-Channel Development Company that specializes in helping Business-to-Business and telecommunications companies increase their sales. The way we do this is by helping them find new or better ways to sell their products using our Sales Generation Programs.

Our Sales Generation Programs provides both the infrastructure needed to launch a sales channel and the management support needed to keep it going. With our programs a company gets a safe, proven and high-quality way to work with the best sales professionals in the industry.

Our Sales Generation Programs are guaranteed to: 

  • Increase Sales Results

  • Produce Consistent Sales Results

  • Increase The Numbers Of New Clients Acquired

  • Reduced Client Acquisition Cost

  • Increase Sales Of Product Tie-Ins

  • Reduced The Cost Of Customer Service

  • Increase Repeat Business From Existing Clients

  • Enhance New Product Rollouts

  • Make It Easy To Open New Markets

  • Increase The Response To Catalog And Internet Sales Campaigns
  • Increase The Impact Of Public Relations Programs
  • Help Improve Provisioning Or Fulfillment Of Orders
  • Increased The Level Of Sales Activities In Any Market
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Expanded Product And Brand Recognition
  • Improve Direct Mail Response
  • Increased The Effectiveness Of Advertising
  • Reduced The Cost Of Adding Sales Employees
We can create and then manage for your company a safe, proven, and low cost sales program that  increases sales, grows profits and improves your company's cash flow.  With our Sales Generation Programs, your company gets everything it needs to offer a first class, outsourced, sales program that seamlessly integrates with your current sales efforts. Effortlessly,  your company gets a proven, safe and fast way to  

Increase Your Sales!

If  increased sales, higher profits and improved cash flow are important, then we should meet. Please call or write us so we can give your company a significant competitive advantage. 
Ask About Our "Sales Performance Guarantee."
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